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Capital Markets

We are a brokerage firm and a consulting firm providing a depth of expertise dedicated to providing our clients the best possible terms on any transaction. We are focused on providing our clients “real time” information requisite to smart & informed decision making.  We work with all real estate investment classes: office, retail, multi-family, R & D, industrial as well as land. Our team has facilitated the sale of properties from one to forty million dollars to corporate investors & developers as well individual investors and national REITS. Our firm is committed to the simple principal that we make every effort to exceed our client’s expectations and earn their confidence and trust each and every day.

Net Leased Properties


Triple Net Lease (“NNN Lease) have become popular investment vehicles for investors seeking a steady income with relatively low risk with no or minimal Landlord responsibilities. A “NNN lease requires the Tenant to pay for all of the expenses associated with the ownership of the property such as real estate taxes, building insurance and maintenance & operating expenses. Triple Net Leases provide for minimal Landlord responsibilities and zero responsibilities in the case of an “absolute” NNN lease. There are also single and double net lease properties. The valuation and capitalization rate of the property is a function of the credit worthiness of the Tenant as well as a range of factors including the balance of the term of the lease. The typical NNN lease is a single Tenant in a free-standing building and the lease term is 10 to 15 years with built in contractual escalations. We welcome the opportunity to explore with our clients the benefits of acquiring Net Leased Properties.


1031 Property Exchanges


Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code provides that no gain or loss is recognized (“taxable event”) where a taxpayer exchanges for “like kind of property” used in a trade or business or held for investment.  Rather than sell an investment property and purchase a new investment property a taxpayer can utilize the provisions of IRS S 1031 and defer the recognition of the gain.  This deferral allows the investor to purchase that much more property since no taxes will be paid as a result of the disposition of the first property. 

The IRS has enacted specific guidelines and regulations required in connection with the successful execution of a 1031 Exchange.  In order to conform to the IRS regulations an investor is also required to retain the services of a “Qualified Intermediary” (“Q. I.”) 

The procedural guidelines and the the cost associated with the successful execution of a 1031 Exchange are minimal in proportion to the greater benefit.

All Real Estate investors should be aware of the benefits associated with this particular provision of the Internal Revenue Code 

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