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Retail Leasing

 Landlord Representation

Retail Leasing requires at its core a comprehensive understanding of the factors and issues that drive any retailer’s decision to enter into a lease contract. WE THINK RETAIL!  In turn, the landlord has his own set of goals and objectives & issues and concerns short and long term. Our job is to maximize the performance of each asset in the context of those considerations. Our success as your advisor, consultant and retail leasing agent is determined by the answer to a single question. Was the Retail Tenant-Landlord Connection a win-win proposition?


Tenant Representation

Experience and clarity of vision is not hyperbole!


The real estate decision is not a “maybe” but a “must”. The success or failure of a retailer often hinges on the real estate. We provide our clients with the analytical and subjective input critical in the decision making process as well as exceptional advocacy skills. We make it a point to understand your business as well as your business plan, short & long term, whether you are a multi-unit retailer or an individual entrepreneur. Our experience and expertise also provides a window into the Landlord’s objectives, motivations and considerations.  Extremely helpful! Whether it is negotiating for a larger tenant allowance, termination rights, a broader “use clause’ or eliminating or minimizing your personal exposure we understand every paragraph, clause, section and sub-section of your lease.



Food and Beverage Practice


The food and beverage industry comprises a significant percentage of the retail landscape. The industry faces unique challenges distinguished from the traditional retailer. Capital cost generally range from several hundred thousand to several million dollars. The timeline from lease to “grand opening” is protracted. The profit margin for a successful foodservice operation is generally 10% to 20%. The margin for error is small! The challenges as well as issues & concerns going forward need to be anticipated


Our in depth experience in this industry is an invaluable asset as our team working closely with our client navigates the entire process.  

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