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Confidentiality Agreement:


PROPERTY: 1150 Hall of Fame Avenue a/k/a The original Basketball Hall of Fame Avenue,

Springfield, Massachusetts


Mixed-Use Three Story Office/Retail Building consisting of approximately 77,000 SF in the Springfield Riverfront Condominium Development created pursuant to a Master Deed dated November 15, 2003.


The undersigned, a prospective purchaser and or Lessee, (“PROSPECT”), hereby requests information concerning the property described above for the purpose of evaluation with the objective of presenting a bona fide offer to lease or purchase.  PROSPECT represents that it is a principal (broker signature required, if applicable) and is not acting on behalf of any other person(s), for the purpose of obtaining the evaluation materials.  It is understood and agreed that, except as set forth in this agreement, no obligation will exist between the parties until a written Purchase and Sale Agreement and or Lease Document containing all terms and conditions of the proposed sale or lease is fully executed and delivered by both PROSPECT and OWNER.  PROSPECT acknowledges that the offering of the PROPERTY for sale or lease is subject to withdrawal, revocation, alteration, or changes at any time with or without notice.  It is also acknowledged by PROSPECT that the information is subject to error or omission, its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed by OWNER or its BROKER OF RECORD (COMPASS), and PROSPECT will rely on its own independent due diligence.


NON-DISCLOSURE:  PROSPECT agrees that all information supplied, both verbal and written, is confidential, and will not be copied or distributed to anyone.   By accepting receipt of this information, PROSPECT agrees to maintain all PROPERTY data, financial information, lease materials, and other information in complete confidence. FURTHER, the PROSPECT agrees to retain in strict confidence the location & address of the property as being available for a potential sale and/or lease and further agrees that in the likelihood that a sale is not consummated between PROSPECT and OWNER, PROSPECT will not disclose subsequent hereto or anytime in the future the existence of any discussion and/or negotiation entered into by the parties hereto regarding said potential sale or lease of the above-referenced property. 

PROSPECT agrees not to visit and physically survey the property without the prior written consent of the OWNER.

PROSPECT agrees that all correspondence, inquiries, offers to purchase and negotiations relating to the purchase of the property shall be communicated and conducted exclusively through the OWNER'S broker.


PROSPECTS AGENT agrees to the terms and conditions set forth hereinabove. 


THIS AGREEMENT may not be assigned or otherwise transferred by the Prospect or his Agent without the Owner’s written consent.


Confidentiality Agreement


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